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Crushed Candle Stick with Cattails

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2"x  2" Sq Tube heated & crushed in 70 Hyd Press - Cattails are copper pipe & textured RS - Base is 1/4 plate  stacked - in the back ground is outside forge area + portable side draft twree  forge the table is 3" Tc 5'x 9' almost 6000 Lb  LOL - just rebuilt a Railroad forge 2'x 3'also so now I can have group meetings outside or inside the shop

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Very attractive candle stick, well done! Sets would be very marketable I'm thinking. 

You can get sq./rec. tubing to collapse pretty close to where and how you want it to. The trick is to put a dent where you want it to fold in. Different dents make different folds. A fuller shape dent across the tube will collapse it into the dent. A round dent will do different interesting things and you can actually get sq. tubing to twist by denting it close to one corner on four faces in progression up the length. 

The guy who explained this stuff was making some really nice furniture with collapsed, dented and folded sqq./rec. tubing. I visited his shop on vacation probably 30+ years ago, a walk in kind of visitor I. -_- He was a nice guy and didn't run my off. Maybe because I understood some of what he was doing well enough to figure it out if I wanted to take a lash at it.

Anyway, We talked and I watched a long time ago but I remember him telling me how he got some of the effects he had in the show room. He used a hyd press and various dia. round bar to do his (preforming?) . . . dents and large ball bearings for the round dents. He did some preforms on his power hammer, an old fluid drive like a Massey but I didn't recognize it as anything but a power hammer. 

Your candle sticks are making me think about a hyd press forge again. I have a 50 ton jack I got for the truck back when we bought a 20' van to move Deb up. Anyway, I'm thinking a dent, torch and pumping the jack could do interesting things.

Bummer I'm old and lazy huh?

Frosty The Lucky.

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