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Sword blanks

Sam Salvati

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Got a couple more sword blanks cutout since I been gone, and one all forged up too. Tactical katana, I drew out the tang and forged in the tip only, the rest will be ground. The single hander was cutout then forged to shape with the bevels and taper and all, just have to finish forge. Both are 5160.









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No no, the only difference, unless you are talking the super specifics, is an integral habaki, the integral full tang and plung cuts instead of a continuing bevel all the way to the end of the tang. It will still have a full handle wrap with rayskin underneath, and a tsuba. Will have a complete saya (scabbard) also. I call it the FFTK, the "farthest from tactical tactical katana" LOL, as it won't look like the regular all-black-everything tacticals you see mostly. Blood red silk ito handle wrap over the white rayskin, with a black scabbard with the decorative sageo knot in red as well.

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Urban Dictionary - ramalamadingdong
used in excitement.

Rama Lama Ding Dong
(A Capella) you tube

The Edsels (Not the same fellows in the you-tube video) were an American Doo-Wop group active during the late 1950s and early 1960s. The name of the group was originally The Essos, after the oil company, but was changed to match the then-new Ford automobile, the Edsel.

What all this has to do with sword blanks is a little beyond my grasp, but the research in answering the question brings back memories of the Doo-Wop era.
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