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Guess the Weight?


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Ow do all :)

Theres an anvil for sale at a local auction, its a double bicked type, the measurements are 39" long by 5" wide. The base is 17" wide. There's no height except including the stand at 28 1/2". The Auction list it as aprox 200lb in weight. Thing is that seems low given those measurements. Can anybody give me a better guestimate than that?
You can see some damage to the top so this thing has to be heavy enough to warrent my attention, budget has to stretch :)


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looking at the anvil I would remove the two horns and add them back to the body to create a cubic rectangle that i would estimate to be 13"x 8"x10" or 1,040 cu/in. steel depending on type is about .2904 lbs/cu/in or about 300 lbs.

it would be fun to see how much it really weighs.

should we start a pool?

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I never knew John Deere made an anvil. Just kidding. Maybe the previous owner just painted his tractor.....and had some green paint left over?

I would, as Rich said,carefully check it out.

A guy I know bought a set of plows at an auction. They looked really good.....fresh coat of paint and everything.
When he got them home, he gave them a closer inspection and discovered that someone had carefully plastered the moldboards with a 1/2 in. layer of grease and then painted over it. Both moldboards were worn completely through!

The new moldboards he had to buy cost $150.

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philip in china
Posting part of a list of numbers that apply is not a problem. It is when you copy entire pages that the original author needs to be consulted for their permission. IForgeIron just wants credit to be given where it is due. Folks work hard to compile and assemble the information. They deserve a email or phone call asking them for permission for the use of their work. Most times they are please you even bothered to ask and give permission. Other times they say there is other information available that is not yet published and provide that too.

I always add the note "used with permission" and give the fellows name to give him credit for being nice.

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Fester, for a young man, 280 ain't that bigga deal. When you get a little older, you may see that things of your youth perhaps come back to haunt you. Actually my guess was between 160-175 lbs. glad to see the world still has strong young fellas. I may need a hand someday. :)

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When I was young I used to lift my weight in anvils and walk them around. Now that I am older than I used to be I try to hold the lifting/walking down to half my weight and even then prefer to have the youngsters move the anvils and stumps while I do the brain work of deciding which tools to take to an offsite demo.

Recently I did load my 400# anvil in my pickup by myself; but used levers, rollers and a comealong and so never "lifted" it.

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