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Obviously, these are not hand made, but as this thread has been idle for a while, I though I'd share :) I found these while I was going through the tools my dad left me. Veterans should recognize these. The two black scaled ones are TL-29s, or electricians tool. The really old ones had wooden scales and an inlaid plate that was stamped with "TL-29" on it. (I wish I had one of those!) The other one is a standard Marine issue pocket knife. These are essentially the same as a Boy Scout pocket knife. Just different scales. Older ones had USMC stamped on them. As other branches adopted their use, the later ones such as the one pictured just had U S. That one and the closed TL-29 are Camillus. The open TL-29 was made by Kutmaster of Utica NY. Although it didn't show up in the photo, etched on its main blade is "Property of U.S. Govt"


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Dodge, thanks for posting that pic. Kind of brought back some memories.
My dad used to carry one of those black handled electrician's knives. I'm not sure what brand his was , or even if it was military issue.....I was just a kid.

Anyway, his sure looked a lot like the one that is 'open' in your pic.
He was in the Army/Airforce during WW2.

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I have my Grandpa's knives, and both were veterans; one in the Navy and the other in the Army. The one that was in the Army carried a wooden scaled knife that looks exactly like those black handled "electricians" knives. I now have it and I used to carry it but it was old and the mainspring for the blade side broke. So now it resides in a box.

Its so worn I could never figure out what the lettering on the blade says.. I actually think its something like "Case & Sons" but like I said its really worn..

I also meant to say that I own one of those "US" Camillus knives. Its my current carry everyday knife.. :) never failed me yet!

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