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True price for a vise

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brand: no idea it was so beat to xxxx when i got it it was scary
size: 150lbs
Condition: pretty bad. ive fixed all the bumps and huge creavases(no clue as to how they got there they were like and inch deep and 3 long)...
price: 25$, but u can find these things in junkyards all over colorado, + alot of older people have em to.

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talking about the wrong anvil
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I had one of my post vises given to me by dad, the other I offered 100.00 for and was turned down by a friend.
Then same friend had to move and said take what you want I'm outa here. Low and behold, there was my vice for free.
Niether vice has markings, both are 4". Humphry

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I have bought and sold a lot of vises (50? maybe more)... I dont know how what you paid has anything to do with what its worth... I paid $450 for a real nice 8" vise that I spent quite a bit of time building a nice base for and after a year or two sold it for something less than that ($425 I think, I really just didnt like it much) I have a really nice 6.5" that I just put into service that I paid $50 that I wouldn't sell for $400 I have a 9" 215lb vise I paid $500 for and have turned down a $1500 offer on. I have a 7" that Id be happy to get $150 for... an 190 lb 8" Colombian that I got as a freebie in a trade but wouldn't take less than $650 for

In my humble opinion this is a fairly undefinable thing... There are so many variables that its imposable to set a "standard" value. Id gladly pay $200-$300 for a 5" German high cheek vise... I know the big parallel jaw Fishers will bring $700-$800+ in really nice shape.. and like my 9" monster... Its worth what ever someone will pay. I know there are bigger vises out there but no one I know has ever seen one in person.

When you are talking about a "standard" 3" to 5" vise that is in ready to use condition around here you would expect to pay (from me at least) $80-$150... If its really nice maybe $200 Once you get past 6" its really just all about the vise. It could be worth from $150 to ?? who knows.. maybe a couple grand if it was the end all be all....

On a side note I can tell you that in the Northwest the price of a good post vise as dropped quite a bit. A few years back a nice 6-7" vise would bring $300-$500 at the blacksmith swap or conference... today those vises will only bring $150-$250 The last swap meet I took half a dozen vises to sell, priced them half of what I would have a year ago and only sold one ( I have since sold the rest of that pile, so I feel pretty good about stating "value", someone thought what I was asking was fair)

Anyway Im a tool junkie and a cheap one at that. I wouldn't pay what something is "worth" unless I really needed it.. I only buy bargains.. so if I bought it, In my mind its worth more than what I paid and that almost always turns out to be the case, or at least I can find someone who is willing to pay more than I did...

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