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If it's a cast steel anvil, depending on what was used to "fix" the edges it might not be as bad off as a soft-bodied, tool steel faced anvil having gone through the same process, at least as I understand it. More experienced folks, please feel free to expand my knowledge!

...but the edges may be dead soft depending on what was used to repair. Rebound will probably increase towards the center of the face, decreasing around the perimeter. 


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Any time an anvil is not fixed the proper way whether it's a cast steel, cast iron,  steel face plate, wrought iron etc, etc, etc, 

The steel or harden material under it will suffer some softening..   A Cast steel anvil if it's a good casting can be forged just like a bar of steel..  Hay Budden anvils were made from Crucible cast steel which was then forged to the shape.. 

I have a columbian anvil 200lbs and it is a little softer than any of the Hay Budden's.. The hardest anvils I have are a 100lbs Vanadium (This was the hardest anvil I had seen until the peddinghaus which is right up there) and the Peddinghaus 275. Then the HB's and Trenton.. The columbian is a little softer than the German Trenton..  Right on par with the Eagle anvil I have.. 

A welding repair on a solid steel anvil or a Cast steel anvil depending on the material is a travesty, at some point I will be doing a demo on a 204 lbs German trenton that was in a barn fire.. its face is soft and it got used by someone who didnt' know what they were doing.. Anyhow it needs a redress and a rehardening..  

I'll document the how deal  in a video..  If I can ever get the shop up and everything the way I plan it  I think it might be a fall project or a winter depending.. 

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