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Thoughts on 25 lb anvil?

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Hello all,

I was wondering if I could get some thoughts on this little 25lb anvil (possibly ASO, I'll let you be the judges) I came across at a vintage market today. No markings/numbers on this at all, although there are those four bumps on the corners (photo 1). They almost look like rivets... I didn't have a bearing ball on me, so I'll have to head back this weekend sometime. Tried a rebound test with a 24oz ball peen which I had in the car. I wasn't thrilled with the rebound (less than 50%), but I'm wondering whether the weight ratio between the hammer and anvil would be throwing things off a bit there... Sound wise, I wouldn't say it had a super clear ring, but I'm honestly not entirely certain what I should be expecting as the few examples I have heard online seem to vary wildly. Similarly, I don't know what to expect in such a small anvil. 

Here are a few photos. I appreciate any thoughts you may have. He's asking $70. Just something to play around with and give to my 3 yr. old once he reaches a 'constructive whacking' stage.






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I agree that it is just a decorative object. You couldn't attempt to use the horn even for small work without tipping the anvil over.

I do have a small 12 kg anvil but it is a swedish kohswa with very nice ring and rebound that lives a quiet life and would probably be good for some of the grandkids. That one is not worth your effort I think. 

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Many thanks for all of your thoughts guys! Completely new to this, so still trying to familiarise myself with what's available. I found some RR track for a decent price, so planning to just start off with that. Hoping to customise it at some point (as I've seen in some older threads), but hopefully can get a forge together and get right into it this weekend!

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