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I Forge Iron

4 1/2" leg vice

Howling dog forge

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Picked this up today, more than likely paid too much but what the heck, they don't grow on trees and  I don't know of anyone making new ones. I buy tools, not collect antiques but history is fun too. 

anybody tell me where I could look for a makers mark or any other marks? looked it over pretty well and saw nothing. It is pretty dirty so maybe after it gets cleaned up a bit.IMG_0250.JPG.53efa5c279d76fa6923c2825e0f68f26.JPG

Jaws are in good shape and they line up real well. Kind of wondering what those points for and aft of the jaws are for.


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Hello Howling dog forge ! I can't help with the makers marks.. but for those points for and aft of the jaws... I can't say for sure.. but I have a photo of a post vise with what are probably pipe jaws that are attached under them.. could possibly be for this purpose .. its the second vise from the left..  JT 


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The short wide open ended screwbox is a common trait of Columbians; HOWEVER there is nothing keeping a person from swapping those between different makes of vises. I've done it my self and helped another person change out the screw and screwbox on his vise. (Sears Roebuck used to sell replacement screws/screwboxes for postvises in their catalog 120 years ago.)

As for the ski jumps, keeping crud out of the interface, as a  decorative design feature, protecting it from missed hammer blows  would be my *guesses*.

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