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yt12  I believe Roy Underhill mentioned that a lot of hand saws got resharpened to the point where the remaining metal was used to make scrapers.  

He had a video up on PBS where he was making saw blades for English style dovetail saws.  The teeth were cut by a special punching machine that auto-indexed to the next tooth.  The heat treated steel coming off the roll was punched, cut, filed, and set without any heat, drilling, or spark generating abrasives.

I suspect they'd struggle to maintain tolerances and flatness by heat treating after cutting, and setting all the teeth.  Plus, the corner of each tooth would be a natural stress riser for cracks to start.  Even so, I've seen more than one "wall hanger" logging saw that had a crack started in a gullet.  

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I know a guy who makes a lot of knives from old saw blades. They are quick and not a lot of time in fit and finish, however he seems to be making a good living making them. He does not heat treat them, he is just careful not to get them hot while making them. he uses both logging saws and carpentry saws. He told me that the logging saws were more problematic as they were often bent around a pack horse load to get then into the mountains. He also stated that sometimes when cutting out the blade shape they would fracture and that was the end of that blade, I think when he had a problem he moved on rather than waste time on a lost cause, anyhow they work for him.

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