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  1. To me that looks like a fine knife for skinning Beaver. Moosetrot
  2. ...and that's how "Angry Bear Forge" was born.
  3. Mystery solved...Thanks! If I don't sell it maybe it will come in handy during a bar fight or something. Moosetrot
  4. Picked this up here in Wisconsin. I buy a lot of antique tools but also buy a lot of stuff that I have no idea exactly what is is used for. The other end of this thing has been pounded a lot and has quite a bit of mushrooming. Handle is relatively thin and about 18 inches long. The edges of the ridges are still pretty sharp and the pin in the middle is intact. Thanks! Moosetrot
  5. That brings back a great memory, Thomas! I used to deal heavily in tomahawks made by Daryl Meier. The hawks required a larger handle at the poll than many of the others and were sometimes hard to come by. Walking around at the Rendezvous at Friendship, Indiana I found a box of mostly reject handles of the correct size and bought them all for a couple bucks. Pulled out the ones that were even passable and stashed the rest in my camp. That night, around the camp fire, after most folks were in various stages of being "pickled", I stepped out of the dark with an armful of handles and started throwing them in the fire. After seeing a lot of startled "What the he** are you doing?" looks I proudly proclaimed "When you are a successful trader you can afford to burn up a little profit!" Moosetrot
  6. The Ojibwa word for birch bark is "wigwassie". Your knife is beautiful! Moosetrot
  7. I won't be on here for a while. I am working on patent drawings. Moosetrot
  8. Frosty-I sometimes wonder how my brain comes up with stuff but... Given the above Flubber scenario as described by you, I can somehow envision, on a much larger, heavier scale, creating a non-mechanical trip-hammer kind of thing using two quatities of Flubber and striking survaces. All you need to do is hang onto the hammer and make the first strike. Now, back to reality.... Moosetrot
  9. I am wondering if those 2 pegs extending from the top of the mounting plate may be a clue to its use. If they extend into holes in the wagon tongue they would make for a very solid mount. REALLY a nice vise in any case! Moosetrot
  10. No Frosty, You are not wrong. Been everywhere I know of on the net and can't find what I am looking for. I did get lucky and found some 4X36 400 and 600 grit sanding belts at what may be an incorrect price so I ordered a 10-pack of each. Home Depot, believe it or not.
  11. I have been using a 10" spiral sewn buffer wheel on antlers for a long time, and my wheel is getting worn down. It is cotton (or muslin) and is about 3/4 inch thick. Thinking about getting a new buffing wheel but am having a really hard time finding one that is 3/4 " thick which is what I like. It has a 5/8" hole. Is there any problems with getting two of them at 3/8" thick and stacking them on the buffer spindle? I figure if stacked tightly there will not be a problem. Even better...if someone can point me in a direction to get one that is about 3/4" it would be appreciated. I still have a little life in the old one but my health is finally at the point I just might be able to build again and am planning ahead. Thanks! Moosetrot
  12. I think both are very nice knives! It is entirely up to you but I see steel pins in the bolster giving a nice contrast. Moosetrot
  13. Looks like a great size and design, and nicely done! Moosetrot
  14. I don't get back that way often anymore. Had family back there but most have passed. Gretchen Colnik is a name from my childhood, watching t.v.! She was a host of something waaaaay back then. My gosh, his work is really something! Will want so see more once we get through this COVID stuff. And when I do get back there I would be happy to look you up! I think I still hold the speed record on Main St. in Pewaukee driving a '69 Super Bee Six Pack. Used to lay some serious rubber on Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee too! Regards, and hope to meet you sometime! Keep up the fine work! Moosetrot
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