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  1. I am wondering if those 2 pegs extending from the top of the mounting plate may be a clue to its use. If they extend into holes in the wagon tongue they would make for a very solid mount. REALLY a nice vise in any case! Moosetrot
  2. No Frosty, You are not wrong. Been everywhere I know of on the net and can't find what I am looking for. I did get lucky and found some 4X36 400 and 600 grit sanding belts at what may be an incorrect price so I ordered a 10-pack of each. Home Depot, believe it or not.
  3. I have been using a 10" spiral sewn buffer wheel on antlers for a long time, and my wheel is getting worn down. It is cotton (or muslin) and is about 3/4 inch thick. Thinking about getting a new buffing wheel but am having a really hard time finding one that is 3/4 " thick which is what I like. It has a 5/8" hole. Is there any problems with getting two of them at 3/8" thick and stacking them on the buffer spindle? I figure if stacked tightly there will not be a problem. Even better...if someone can point me in a direction to get one that is about 3/4" it would be appreciated. I still have a little life in the old one but my health is finally at the point I just might be able to build again and am planning ahead. Thanks! Moosetrot
  4. I think both are very nice knives! It is entirely up to you but I see steel pins in the bolster giving a nice contrast. Moosetrot
  5. Looks like a great size and design, and nicely done! Moosetrot
  6. I don't get back that way often anymore. Had family back there but most have passed. Gretchen Colnik is a name from my childhood, watching t.v.! She was a host of something waaaaay back then. My gosh, his work is really something! Will want so see more once we get through this COVID stuff. And when I do get back there I would be happy to look you up! I think I still hold the speed record on Main St. in Pewaukee driving a '69 Super Bee Six Pack. Used to lay some serious rubber on Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee too! Regards, and hope to meet you sometime! Keep up the fine work! Moosetrot
  7. Nicely done, Jon! By the way...I grew up in Pewaukee. Moosetrot
  8. Jon-That thing is beautiful! Moosetrot
  9. My son used one of the springs taken off of a longspring trap. Works perfectly!
  10. I make ulu from antique handsaw blades and the steel in them is great! Make sure you use an antique one, preferable from around the turn of the century, as many of the newer ones are higher carbon along the cutting edge (teeth) but lesser grade steel throughout the rest of the blade. I think they would work great for a skiving knife.
  11. Looks like something from the end of the movie "Braveheart"'. Moosetrot
  12. Right now we don't know if that is the original handle or not. Is the eye tapered with the "top" being larger than the "bottom"? If not I am wondering if the original handle and use was making grooves in a beam using the tool almost like a drawshave, given the grooves in the head above the "V's" to allow the chips to exit the cutting surface. It would have enough weight to make the grooves easier and dependent upon application the user could make larger or smaller "V" grooves. If the eye is truly tapered, I would agree with the suggestion it was used much like a hewing axe. Just my 0.02. Moosetrot
  13. Figured I would give you guys a short update...Surgeon had a cancellation and offered it to me. Yesterday I had a very successful hip replacement and he was able to even out the length of my legs. Came home today and will be looking forward to making a lot of sparks and antler stink! Moosetrot- the Beat-Up, Weary, but Very Happy
  14. Well, folks, digging up that resource on ulu is taking a little more time than I had thought. My hip took a serious turn for the worse. I am now in a wheelchair and can barely get around. Hip got so bad I had to see a reconstructive Ortho specialist at Mayo in Rochester. He says he can do it and can rebuild my hip and restore my left leg length to match up with the right with a surgery scheduled for August 7. Best news I have gotten on this in a long time. Once I am able I will dig out that resource and post the title, etc. on here. It is an amazing pile of info for anyone who has an interest in ulu. Till then old Moosetrot will just be dreaming about the day I can make sparks and smell grinding antler and bone. Thanks for your patience on this! Moosetrot
  15. WOW! My hat is off to you! Beautiful gift for your Dad. Moosetrot
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