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Champion forge and blower value

Medic Zack

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An antique picker I know sent me some pictures today of a champion forge and hand crank blower that he is looking to sell. He had it in his shop when I purchased my anvil from him not long ago. Everything appeared to be in good shape. There were no cracks in the fire pot and the blower did work though there was a little play in the bearing of the crank. Anybody know what these are going for these days?






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Let me add that I have seen numerous comparable blowers sell in my area recently for around the $200 mark. My question is more so about the combo with the rivet forge as I haven't seen many good comps sell recently. And we all know what prices have been doing with anything blacksmithing related. 

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Unless you are interested in the antique value for a reason other than blacksmithing, rivet forge are of limited use for general blacksmithing and good enough for small stuff. i agree that $100 would be a fair price, but you guys get much lower prices than I can. 

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Paid $90 for mine. Its a three leg steel model, same blower.

Blower was very sticky, I disassembled as much as I could. It was very dirty but in great shape. Couple hour soak in simple green and it works a champ-ion.

I love it and it performs much better than my wash tub charcoal forge. After using it several times, I have found that it does have some limitations and am now looking to build a propane forge - good luck

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