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149 Lb Arm & Hammer, yard sale find

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I finally got lucky. I think. A yard sale came up on Craigslist right near my house, blacksmith stuff. I emailed them and asked if I could come by tonight, before the opening tomorrow at 8. They said sure. Got there and met some very nice people. He is retired and selling some of his stuff. So I got this 149LB Arm & Hammer for $375. It was his first anvil. My 1" ball bearing rebounded 9 inches after being dropped from 10, tried in numerous times all over the face. I also got a pile of hammers, $5 ea for the sledges and $3 to $10 on the others. Post vise for $60, wrench for $8. Baldor 8" grinder, needs work, $15!!! (it actually runs but sounds like it needs bearings) US made Craftsman grinder $40, it coasted so long when I shut it down I thought the switch was broke. 


The anvil looks rough but the surface is great, and from a little research that I did the A&H was a rough looking anvil with most attention spent on the working face. I understand the A&H was made in pieces, and wrought. The horn sure looks like a separate piece, and even looks like a repair was attempted on it?






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Back around 1984 I saw a yard sale ad that included an anvil in Fayetteville AR; I was supposed to be out of town the day of the sale; but they kindly allowed me to show up Friday evening. 165# PW in great shape; I was fixing to get married and money was tight; so I asked my Fiance if she thought I should get it. She said yes and I paid out the US$100 to the seller.  He asked "how I was going to get it to my car?" I said "Like This!" and picked it up, arms under horn and heel---hugging it to my torso, and carried it down the drive to my vehicle.  My soon to be wife later told me that he turned to a friend and said "He's more of a man than he looks!"

Now 15 years later when I bought my 500#+ Fisher we used a cherry picker to take it from the shed *down* to my pickup.

Been married to my wife 33 years  and I now try to keep my heavy lifting to a minimum.

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29 minutes ago, Black Frog said:

How about a close-up picture of the serial number on the front foot under the horn? 

I didn't even know that number was there


And I just did a Google search and found an old thread on another forum about a 77 lb A&H only 34 numbers from mine!



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