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I Forge Iron

My second knife

John in Oly, WA

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The lowly paring knife. Not a glamorous blade, but a useful one.

My Mom wanted a new handle on her favorite paring knife from the knife scales my son has been making. But while my son and I were removing the old handles, the blade broke!


So I grabbed some 15N20 and cut out another blade to match the old, heat treated it, tempered it, ground the bevel and we were back in business.

My son made some simple mosaic pins. We attached the scales. Just need to do the final sharpening.

Hopefully my Mom will be happy with it and won't miss her favorite paring knife.


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6 hours ago, John in Oly, WA said:

Not a glamorous blade, but a useful one.

That is the best type of knife. At the end of the day, knives are tools. Tools require pragmatism over all else. Ive made some blades that were decent looking (lets be honest, they were pretty bad!) but they performed flawlessly and effectively. What more can be asked?

You did well, i like it. Excellent choice in handle material, i love the pattern in the wood. And the mosaic pins look great. Your son should be proud. 

I have a feeling your mother will soon have a new favorite paring knife. 

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BigGun, that's my fall back if the new knife doesn't pass muster, with one small caveat - I don't know how to TIG weld - and I don't have the equipment. I have a MIG welder (Lincoln 135Plus) and I have an Everlast PowerARC 200ST 200amp TIG/Stick welder, but don't have the TIG set up for it.

Maybe find someone who does and have it TIG welded.

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17 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Slag---that's just crazy talk!

That is! Hey, ANY excuse to buy another tool is just good operating procedure. My Dad's wise teaching - every project should include acquisition of a new tool.

TommyTapTap - I will keep that excellent line of reasoning in my pocket in case my Mom pines for her old favorite paring knife. It was right on the verge of catastrophic failure! Who knows what could have happened! :D

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