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Finished prepping my anvil


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Thanks to njanvilman ive been able to identify my anvil and thanks to a bunch of old fashioned elbow grease I've finally got my stand done, my anvil wire wheeled and a nice coat of lindseed oil cooked on.  Even made a nameplate at work for free identifying the anvil in case i kick the bucket so the next guy will know what it is haha.  Tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is welcomed. PS I know the anvil needs to be attached to the stand.  Right now I just have it routed out and set in the pattern.





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Nice job! I found that mortising my anvil into the block was plenty secure enough, it didn't bounce, rock or move at all. My mortise was a little deeper, top of the foot and snug. As the block aged and dried out, winters here are VERY dry, think drought dry in the Mojave desert dry. Anyway, when it dried out the anvil loosened up some but was easy to tighten with a couple pieces of flat stock driven in as wedges. 

My new anvil stands are steel tripods with angle iron flange up that fit the anvil foot. I have tong and hammer racks that wedge between the frame and anvil. The steel stands take the damagingly loud ring out of both the Trenton and Soderfors. The rack wedges secure them well enough I can pick either up with the engine hoist and a chain. Hook the anvil and the stand comes along nicely.

Regardless of what I did you get a big thumbs up for a well done piece of work.

Frosty The Lucky.

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If it were anything other than a Fisher, I'd suggest bedding it down on a layer of silicone caulk, which both secures the anvil to the stand and deadens the ring. Since a Fisher doesn't have much ring to speak of, that's probably not necessary. Instead, I'd go with some nice forged brackets to hold it down.

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Nice job! My HB is attached to a half inch thick plate on the end of an 8 or 10” I beam with a 2” thick by 12” round plate on the bottom the anvil is 150lb and I’ve never weighed the base but it’s probably also 150lb but it’s very easy to tip it enough to roll it around the shop 

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