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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words fellas! I've learned a lot by listening to some of the things you guys tell other people. I sure appreciate the professional Insight from you more experienced Smith's!
  2. Thanks to njanvilman ive been able to identify my anvil and thanks to a bunch of old fashioned elbow grease I've finally got my stand done, my anvil wire wheeled and a nice coat of lindseed oil cooked on. Even made a nameplate at work for free identifying the anvil in case i kick the bucket so the next guy will know what it is haha. Tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is welcomed. PS I know the anvil needs to be attached to the stand. Right now I just have it routed out and set in the pattern.
  3. Hello J. Great anvil you have there. I recently acquired a Fisher as well however mine is only 130#. njanvilman says mine is a first generation ( Late 1840's - early 1850's) . I finally got the stand built and the anvil wire wheeled and coated with linseed oil. So far I love it. Good find!
  4. Hey Jim I wanted to let you know I looked up that guy. You're right super nice guy spending a lot of time through messages telling me what I have. Thanks so much for the heads up! Sure appreciate the help!
  5. Thanks Dan.. is it an email or a screename on here? How do I look him up. I sure appreciate all the help from the good guys here! Throughout my learning stages of smithing I've really found MOST people here really try to help the newbies. Thanks again!!!
  6. Jim.. really? That's awesome you can identify it so quickly. Whereabouts would anymore markings be? Are you 100% sure?.
  7. Well aren't you a helpful peach... I'm in the U.S. AND I BOUGHT THAT ANVIL IN ILLINOIS. It weighs in at 128 pounds but it has 130 stamped into it sorry I thought I originally said stamped into it. Any ideas of the manufacturer would be helpful rather than snarky criticism. Thanks
  8. Hey all. I finally got my hands on an anvil. Now need help to identify it. I don't believe it to be cast iron because the face rebound is spectacular using the ball bearing test (about 90%). And there's from what I understand "handling holes" on the ends under the horn and heal which seems to be from forging it. I will wire wheel it when it gets in my possession. Anyone know from the shape or style who made it? As a side note.. when tapping the horn it doesn't have a great ring. Overall a quiet anvil WITH awesome rebound. Thinking a Fisher? It weighs in at 128 lbs but has 130 stamped
  9. I grew up in Illinois. Been out here for 8 years and absolutely love it. No regrets. I think by the time Arizona got populated blacksmithing was a thing of the past and they left their old chunks of Steel out east and South and Midwest. Very hard to come by and when you do find out they are around $1,000 Mark or higher. Love it! seems like great words to live by for the Anvil Hunter Never heard of it. But you got my attention! I'll be looking into it. Love cave Creek and fountain hills area! *Tips hat*
  10. Charles I totally agree an hour is not that long of a drive for your average person out here. However live all the way down in San Tan Valley and I drive to Gilbert every single day to and fro. And when I get to work I get in a company vehicle and service the entire Valley. With all that information being said the last thing I want to do on my day off is driving hour up there to look at it and an hour back empty-handed or being ripped off.. thanks guys again for your input I think you've talked me out of it and I think that's a good thing.
  11. I might go check it out but the problem is I live an hour away from him. And the guy doesn't know anything About it have zero information about it. Says he bought it in an auction a long time ago and it's just sitting there collecting dust. Just was hoping to run into some friendly people that could help me out with the subject at hand which is identifying the no 50 on the side and the general shape of it if it's worth looking at didn't mean to turn it into something that it wasn't
  12. George.. I haven't been on this website long but I think I figured out you are the room know-it-all / troll.... am I right? If you don't have any help or Solutions why comment at all?
  13. Yes that's what I've heard which is one reason I'm trying to get this one identified by some of you professionals. I can't find any pictures anywhere of an anvil that has extruded NO 50 on it
  14. I appreciate the heads-up on that thank you for the helpful response. I will look into it a little later when I get home.
  15. I concur... I'd never spend 1200-1600 bucks for an old anvil. Def buy new. My rail does work fine that's why I'm not in a hurry or anxious to spend a ton of money on something else. Was just wondering if this old xxxx that I sent pictures of may be worth something. But after talking to you professionals and finding out there's probably a .5% chance of it not being cast iron I think I'll pass. Thank you everyone
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