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​Collaboration thick chef's knife between Dave Schmitt and myself


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This one was a little different than usual:
I received a rush commission for a replication of an older blade blade and called on my buddy and fellow knifemaker Dave Schmitt - it just so happened he had some random pattern at the ready, so he quickly shaped it and sent it my way.

1095, 1084, and 15N20 blade forged and ground by Dave. Heat treated and handled by me; copper, faux ivory, stabilized zebrawood, and cast bronze medallion with the customer's initials.

This was my first coffee etched blade and HOLY COW is that better than acid alone, even makes the hamon pop more.


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Just happened to see this post...seems like every one likes our knife theo.  But there is a little bit of pure nickle in that blade as well not much but a little...I was actually surprised how good the Damascus came out the pattern was a little looser than I wanted but there was absolutely no flaws when I was grinding for one of the first ones I did on the press I am happy..

I will let theo correct me if I am wrong but from what I remember he etched the blade in instant coffee alone NO acid. however I have heard of people using ferric in a 3 to 1 mix with distled water then coffee after that...this only works on carbon Damascus not stainless

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