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  1. Ok guys so I have searched the forum and didn't find much so I am looking for the truth on zirconium and the zirconium/titanium mixes (zircu ti and black timascus)....so first one of the supply sites made me sign a release just to buy the stuff and they told me that not only does it throw off crazy amount of sparks (I think the description was "titanium on steroids") what surprised me tho is they told me that any time you make dust or chips wether it be from the grinder a mill a band saw anything that creates chips these chips can self ignite 2 hours later 2 days later 2 months later! they told me to make sure I sweep up all the chips (in my mind I think its absolutely impossible to get every single lil chip) they even told me a story where a guy that uses a lot of zirconium stores it in a 50 gal drum filled with water and well he put it in his pick up to go and get rid of it and apparently there wasn't enough water and the whole drum self ignited in the back of his truck burning a hole through the bed of his truck and even burning a hole in the road......so 2 other suppliers told me yes it throws ALOT of sparks but once those sparks are out they are out they don't self ignite at a random time later on. So what I am trying to find out how dangerous is this stuff...everyone I talk to says something different. I have even searched the web for answers finding some sites saying yes it will self ignite and other sites saying no it wont....so for the people that have used any of these materials.... How do you go about keeping things safe? Is the zirc/titanium mix (zircu ti, black timascus) just as dangerous as the pure zirconium? ANY info on these materials would be appreciated I would like to start working with some of this stuff but my shop is the basement and garage of my house I cant light this place up so I gota be as safe as possible even if that means putting one of my grinders on a stand with wheels and push it out side when grinding this stuff...I do already have a 5 gal bucket of the powder they put in fire extinguisher....any info would help guys THANKS
  2. Help fixing a warped blade

    I know another maker that made a angle iron frame as you did foundryman. but still used round rods as the 3 points but also instead of using clamps he drilled a clearenc holes on one side and a taped holes on the other and would tighten it up and put it in the oven at tempering temp after it heats up a little he would take it out and tighten the sscrews up and do this little by little putting it back in the oven after each small amount of tightening until the blade was straight then let it sit in temper for another half hour to hour then take the whole thing out and let it cool while its still bolted straight...he says doing it this way give it less of a chance for that "ting of death" this man has been making knives for a very very long time and even tho I have never tried it I belive it works 100% got a lot of good infor from this man
  3. Pakistani blades

    I agree take the time and effort and learn to do your own then you know exactly how the whole thing is made....yeh it will take a couple blade and some time to really start to get it right but when you have a knife that performs well looks good and feels good and you did the WHOLE thing yourself...MUCH more rewarding!
  4. Just happened to see this post...seems like every one likes our knife theo. But there is a little bit of pure nickle in that blade as well not much but a little...I was actually surprised how good the Damascus came out the pattern was a little looser than I wanted but there was absolutely no flaws when I was grinding for one of the first ones I did on the press I am happy.. I will let theo correct me if I am wrong but from what I remember he etched the blade in instant coffee alone NO acid. however I have heard of people using ferric in a 3 to 1 mix with distled water then coffee after that...this only works on carbon Damascus not stainless
  5. cts-xhp or elemax

    Hey guys so I started making folding knives a few moths back....now I had been using 440c and cpms35vn on my fixed blades so naturally I used that in some folders I have also used some stainless Damascus on the folders...now I am looking to a new steel to use on some of my folders. Now from what I can see is CTS-XHP and Elemax are both very popular on folders. I have done some researching and reading of the spec sheets but I want some real world info on how these two steels stack up both to each other and the steels I am already using. So any info any one has on these 2 steels that might help me make up my mind on wich one to start with. ALL info would be appreciated from actually working with the steel to sharpening and edge holding ect....my decision on the 2 is still up in the air but I am leaning slightly towards CTS-XHP........thanks guys!
  6. love the whole thing but the guard and the skull are just awesome
  7. stainless damascus

    Thanks guys AGAIN I haven't had time to come on and check the reposes until now I have been extremely busy with trying to turn this hobby into a full time buissness not there yet but deffinitly on the way....I have also had a bunch of family issues including a serious ingery to my 91 year old grandmother.....so the time I had to make knives I had to make ones that would bring in a little money and finally getting a bearing flipper folder to open not just good but great. So I haven't had to much time to play with the stainless idea much. I did make a new carbon billet and I think I am going to sandwich it between 2 pieces of stainless and mig weld all the way around to creat a tight seal and try to pull of a Damascus core and 304 stainless outside san mai...I figured that might be a step toward doing a billet out of all stainless. If any one has any tips on that I would love to hear.....Thanks again for all the responses guys
  8. Hey guys so I haven't been on the forum in a while but had some question. I recently got a press and have been making some carbon Damascus but the end goal would be to do stainless and I know it will take some practice. So I had bought some AEB-L and 304 steel as that is what most of the stainless makers use. they are both in bar/sheet form. However looking at some of the patterns other Damascus makers are coming out with. A lot of it looks more like a canister Damascus. So with that one of those steels has to be powder right? Does anyone know where to get powdered aeb-l or 304..??? I looked and cant find it anywhere. If I am wrong on how this is done I am all ears if anyone would share. THANKS guys
  9. WIP "Blacksmith's folder"

    Awesome folder!!! I wouldn't have though of making a blade fold like that....I would put some bearins and a detent in there and make it snap open. But I have been working of these bearing flipper lately so I am bias. And it looks like it will work well just as it is and I guess the snap opening would deffinitly hurt the legal aspect. I am pretty sure flippers are leagal as long as they aren't like a spring assist or gravity knife.....so a bearing flipper should be leagal here IF it does not have a spring....The police will take you in and take apart the knife and if there is no sping probilly give you back a bunch of pieces and say have a good day. Or worse just arrest you and let the judge deal with it....its just how it is here in NY....But like I said such a simple concept of the blade folding to the side but its something I would never of thought of .....GREAT job theo
  10. Anodized titanium

    really? huh I was told they wear of eailly. I haven't been using titanium long enough to really know. But I did a test thinking it would speed up the time a bit and rubbed it with my hands for a bit then inside a t shirt thinking it would simulate a knife being in your pocket. and I figured it would wear like heat colored steel. its still there but it did wear a bit..but again I guess I forced it but I figured if I could make it wear like that in a hour it would wear on its own in a couple weeks. I just started carrying one with heat colored titanium texture tech ill see how long it takes to wear
  11. Anodized titanium

    Hey guys so I have been playing around anodizing and heat coloring titanium and titanium texture tech. Ok so we all know anodizeing and heat coloring will wear fairly quickly. So I started playing around with ways to protect it, I have tried a couple different clear spray paints, and even brushable poly acrylic stuff. So some worked better than others but all seemed to dull the shine of the coloring. Even with glossy stuff. At first I was reluctant to try glossy stuff thinking it would make it to glossy but it did quite the opasat. I am wondering if any one has found a decent solution or if any one has ideas for something to try....THANKS
  12. Blademithing series on History channel

    They might also be doing a episode sometime soon where one of the challenges will be to create a knife out of chunks of meteorite! I was told this by one of the guys that supplies the show with some of there stuff. I don't know how soon when I was told this a few weeks back they hadn't shot it yet but the idea was deffinitly being thrown around. should be a interesting challenge
  13. Blademithing series on History channel

    Don't know why it cameup as a quote the first time lets see if its fixed now?!? Havent Been posting lately very busy, Theo we already spoke in email But I wanted to add one more congrats to the list, Not only a member of the forum, a Knife maker, A FELLOW NEW YORKER!!! But now flawlessly representing the skill and the trade on tv ! I turned this on with my mother and grand mother in the room, and told them both how me met, my 91 year old grand mother said oh you've met a tv star LOL I replied no not a tv star............BETTER...................A KNIFEMAKER
  14. Forge welding

    Hey guys thanks for the input.....i dont take offence to any of it dont worry about that.....i havent fiddled with it yet my father is in hospital so i really aint worried about the arc welder to much. however tomorow i am going to mess with it for a while i have some free time and at least it will get my mind off things. ill deffinitly look over every ones advice before i try to do some things tomorow thanks again every one ill let ya know what happens
  15. Forge welding

    frosty..... no i dont know exactly whats wrong with it but i took the arc welder out to do it and it wont work just get a small humm.. when turn it on so i know its getting some power but it doesnt do anything besides that no spark or nothing cant get rod lit at all basicly if it wasnt for the humm to tell me some kind of power is going into it i would think the thing is unpluged just no juice what so ever......if it was working i could weld the stack and a handle on it no problem that aint the issue. so until i figure out what wrong with it ( my uncle would know what to do if it is fixable but i cant get him to come take a look at it for like a week) i am looking for another way to hold the billet togather until that first forge weld and to attach a handle to it by the way thanks for the welcome