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Help with slip rolls

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I'm  not a HVAC or sheet metal guy but am familiar with slip rolls at least to a degree. I took a look around online and hand crank rolls from 10" - 50" tend to be good up to 20 ga. You can roll heavier than they're rated for IF you make multiple passes but that's pretty dicy unless you're good.

This one doesn't appear to be made for hand cranking and powered rolls are usually rated for thicker stock. This would be a good time to pick up test stock starting at 20 ga. and increasing thickness a gauge at a time.

You want to turn the roll in one continuous motion, start and stop on the crank makes for hinky rolling and the thicker the stock the harder it is to  keep the motion continuous and smooth.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Ratings are pretty meaningless in slip rolls.  Claims are made which are so optimized in terms of starting material that any real-world material you choose might not form readily, though of the rated gauge.

That's easy to see on the stomp shears---where the ratings are generally for dead soft sheet and the stated rating is for half-width or (sometimes far) less.  A little harder on slip rolls where it's more about finesse and tweaking to form the materials.

So...skip worrying about it--just give it a shot with some pieces of varying thickness as you can acquire them.  Most likely, it's rated for 20 or 22 gauge as Frosty mentioned. And remember, about every 2 gauges you go up roughly doubles the stiffness (that's not an engineering assertion, it's a broad generalization)  so what seems like a small numerical change might be a huge formability change.


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