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New Hammer

Dillion Brian Grant

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Well y'all I finally did it, the day before yesterday I swung and when it hit the metal the handle sealed just below the head, the hammer was a 2 lb cross pein with a wooden handle.

Well I told my granddad about it and he ended up buying me a 2.5 lb kobalt cross pein with a fiberglass handle it's nice but I have to ask this, there is a slight point on the face and I wanted to know if it will be an issue? And will the round circles be an issue as well?




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Yes and yes that was the exact first hammer I had. But a little work with an angle grinder and it was fixed. Also I trimmed a little bit of off of the handle thickness. The rubber handle tends to cause blisters if you hold it to tight, cause it was to large for my hands. But now I have a hammer that I made with a wood handle and I like it much more.

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Well thank you so much for the advice and if anybody is wondering, no I do not have a belt sander tho if love it if i did of course.. oh the things I could do lol, but yeah I honestly wanted to just get a new handle for the 2 lb hammer but when my granddad bought it I wasnt going to turn him down because that would havebeen really rude of course 

Also what edges need to be rounded exactly?

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