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koawool/durablanket in europe

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I believe kaowool is worldwide, I know on another forum I have heard the Europeans talking about it by name, unless that is just a generic name that they are using to describe ceramic fiber blanket.
I have also come across distributors in Europe when searching for foundry supplies, most of them sell refractory products, try searching for them, I know I am stuck mail odering my refractory supplys, you could be in the same predicament.


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Thnx fore the rplie's guys,
I'l go to the big blasworks in liege, and ask there,
I'm also gonna try a search for keawool.
briks I have enough, an I use them for my coal forge, but i want to make a gas forge as light as possible, so I can have it in my van and pull it out when i need it on a job as a farrier (i'm stuying to be one, It's a 2 year cours do get an official diploma, and I'm almost halfway!), and briks would be a bit heavy. For the body i'm gonna use an old propane tank (no worry's I'l fill it up with watter when I cut in it), so to keep the volume pretty low, all it needs to heat are horse shoe's. anny other idea's?

Kind regards.

PS dont shoot the dislectics!

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Kaowool in Germany is available under the name Silcaflex. If you follow this link, it will get you to a pdf-document, covering the complete wool sector form Silca!
If you click here, you will reach the main page of them.

Like I offered you to help you out with the coating, so I will be able to help you out with the wool. The problem with Silca is, that they won

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Hofi, Thnx for the link , but I actually have the complete angele catalog, and the only blanket insolation in there, is cut to size of their own ovens, none on the role stuff, and seeing how I intent to build one myself, to my own needs (and because Its just lot cheaper), so I'm looking for an athor source. What i ofcourse have found in the angele cathalog, is a nice picture and short bio on U Sir Hoffi!, i'm thinking about ordering a heavy hammer to ;-).
Badger, the sicaflex, does seem the right stuf, and the dimensions you discribed seem a good size to me (ok maybe just a bit long on the 7200mm), would you happen to know where I can get a pricing on it?
thnx allot guys!!

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