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Anvil identification help

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Ok, So I picked up this anvil that was advertised as a Peter Wright. I don't think it is but hoping somebody may have an idea of if that is correct or hat it truly is. I took a scour pad to the side to help the markings come out. I can read attorney, 1847, 135,1-0-24. I couldn't find any other numbers or marks anywhere else. Doe anybody have an idea of who the manufacturer is. It rings in the center and seems to have a good rebound. Let me know what you think. Thanks







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Here I thought this was the Attorney model.........:lol:  SLAG you need one of these anvils!

Thanks for the info 101!!  I've never heard of this anvil.  Probably it has some value in the collector market.  You may want to check that out with the way anvil prices are today.  You may be able to sell it to a collector if it's rare and buy 2 decent anvils with the profit.  

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Mr. Hammer,

It is a lovely anvil indeed.

Is it still up for sale?

Where is Mr. Buckwheat located?

What is the asking price for said gem?

Questions,  questions,  so many questions.


M.C.  thanks for thinking about me.

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Welcome aboard Shelly, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you'll have a much better chance of meeting up with members living within visiting distance. 

The time stamp on the most recent post in this thread is better than 5 years ago. Still, If you have phots of one of these, please post them. We LOVE pics especially of anvils. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Welcome from the Ozark Mountains Shelly.

If you are interested in selling your anvil, may I suggest listing it in the Tailgating section here. Be sure and read the Tailgating rules before listing it.

I can't control the wind, all I can do is adjust my sail’s.
Semper Paratus


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