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208lb. Hay Budden

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Real nice one, obviously the pattern copied years later by multi-products, AP BigTex and so on.

Hole in horn I'd guess to be a modification somebody did to it for some reason known only to themselves.

Wish a contemporary maker would still offer that pattern. Is excellent for horseshoers.


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30 minutes ago, Marc1 said:

Interesting shape ... is that to have the bending fork on one end and still plenty of work surface left in the centre?

Not made with that in mind but I suppose it could be used for that.

Essentially those type of patterns were made with horseshoers in mind. The bigger horn and narrow face with cut under heel as well as 2 pritchel holes are very handy for shaping horseshoes as well as the tools associated with that specialty.

The thing I like best about that one is the size. Most horsehoers anvils are between 100 and 125 lbs. That one being so much heavier (obviously a shop anvil) is a big plus.


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