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tests show its not influenza or pnuemonia. I finally talked her into seeing the Dr. this morning, but with all the nasty stuff going around I was afraid to take her to the office, So as I have her Dr's cell #, I got her to make a house call. Cookie didn't like it, but Dr. said take her to hospital. She still there, they brought me dinner too. but I didn't realize salisbury steak gravy had mushrooms in it till I started to sample gravy and potatoes. Only had one little piece of meat before I realized it. Got a humongous headache and stomach cramps, but didn't get enough to swell up twice my normal size yet.


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update, cookie has had trouble sleeping, uncomfortable bed and thermostat don't work in the room, open window, fan, and I had them bring in a recliner helped. she has been having anxiety attacks at night when breathing is difficult, they won't let her use meds from home like she normally does. so last night I stayed with her all night. no anxiety attacks and she slept the whole night thru except when staff came in to change IV bags and give other meds.

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Cookie update 3/2/08, Best night yet, she really getting some rest, daughter was here yesterday.

Not INfluenza, not pneumonia, some kind of minor viral thing combined with her COPD from 20 years as a hairdresser and teaching it plus pneumonia 5 or 6 times in a year and a half while in Calif.

Her Lung capacity is double what it was when she went to Horsepistol, and blood O2 is remaining in the high 90's. I stayed in her room again last night, best night yet for her actually resting and not having anxiety (panic) attacks from breathing difficulty. for me time spent between hospital and cookie and home and pets, they miss her cat and kitten don't even roughhouse play now. dog and kitten alternate guarding her chair. won't let me set in it.

I take kitten to horsepistol to visit, Its like a tranquilizer to cookie. she calms right down.

Hospital Staff is doing an excellent job, I know most personally and Cookie likes them and her Dr. a female DO who is more like an old country Doc than a modern snobby one.

one would almost think she gets around in a horse and buggy like days of old. She is the one I did some ironwork in her new home.

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Hang in there Jr.
I have COPD also. Three years ago I was in such bad shape with the onset of COPD that lit ooked like my demise had come.
They went into my lungs, and tried all types of cures, but none would work. They kind of wrote me off. I experienced the panic attracts of not being able to breath also.
At a certain point during the last major episode I gave away and sold most of the larger pieces of blacksmithing and welding equipment so my wife would not have to deal with it later.
But, I came back from a point of

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the source of the inability of her lungs to rid itself of CO2 has been found, an anxiety pill they have had her on is the culprit. Considerable improvement in the day since they stopped the med.

She starts rehab therapy today, and is almost back to normal, yesterday during my visits she was pulling pranks on me and laughing about it. Sure took a load of my shoulders and I slept thru the night last night.

Thank you all for the kneemail and concern for her. From Both of us.

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Re: Cookie!
The same thing happened to me with my COPD. They thought I was a goner. I had to stop taking all medications due to being so ill I could not take them any longer. That saved my life.
Only then did we find out I was allergic to a medication that they had been giving me. I stopped the treatment, and was soon on my way back to life again.
I am sure glad to hear about the good news Jr. :)
Give Cookie my best wishes.
Old Rusty Ted

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I brought Cookie home from the horsepistol yesterday afternoon, today she had an appt with her pulmonologist in KC., the one she trusts, not the one who is the cause of a lot of her problems. Her lungs are basically shot. but there is no further damage from this last bout in the hospital. It was a trying day for her with the traveling. but, we stopped at JOanns and I put her scooter together and she went shopping for yarn etc. made her day. Next is an appt with a cardiologist specialist, but that is here a our hospital.

We Thank all our IFI friends and neighbors for their prayers and concern.

Jr and Cookie.

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