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    Thinking and talking about blacksmithing, silversmithing & rock collecting ..... never seem to actually do much of any of those three,


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  1. Steve ... my thoughts are with you in this trying and sad time. Hope all works out for the best. Milt
  2. Jr. ...Good to hear Cookie is better now. I wish you two the best. Milt
  3. Any update on Frosty now that he's been home awhile? Is all O.K. now...I hope? Milt
  4. Mike ... Sorry to hear your news. Ilwish you the best in finding new work in this tough time in the whole country. Milt
  5. Good to hear that Frosty is progressing down the pathe to beeing well. Sorry to hear he will be laid up so long. My best wishes for as speedy a recovery as possible. Milt
  6. Another needs your help ... My Aunt L has the big C too. She's in her low 90's and has had some surgery, but apparently cannot handle chemo & radiation... but prayer is not discouraged. Thanks in advance. Milt
  7. Jane, a long-time aquaintance in northern Wisconsin, has been diagnosed with cancer and has started chemo. She seems to have a great outlook, or is good at making all think she is upbeat. Her husband is busy helping and worrying about her and indicates much is unknown. However he hopes for the best, but the stress is tough on him too. Please send some positive thoughts in Jane and hubby's direction....they need them. Thanks. Milt
  8. Update on Janis & Nan since August, 2009.... Janis went to another cancer center, has received support, but still has a sad future as far as I've heard. Janis still needs your help. Nan's lump was benign and seems not to have current problems . Thanks. Milt 9/29/09
  9. Thanks folks for placing Janis & Nan on your lists. Update ...Nan got good news today (8/19/09)...lab test showed the removed material is not cancerous. On the other hand, Janis needs all the help you folks can spare. Thank you. Milt
  10. Those of you good at praying, two women I know need your prayer help now! 1) Janis is a friend's wife with cancer reoccuring again for the third time. Her main oncologist said she may have one year...they are seeking another opinion and help at a specialty cancer clinic this week. 2) Nan is a relative. She had a cancerous lump removed last year and chemo and radiation. She had another lump removed last week...while it may be benign, she gets the lab results tomorrow and is hoping for the best Thank you. Milt
  11. Steve ... Sorry to hear about you accident .... Hope all heals & feeks better soon. Best for your son too. Milt
  12. Jerry ... I just read about you and your acccident (4/7/09). Hope you are better now. My thoughts are with you. Milt
  13. Golden Eagle ... My thoughts are with your Dad and all others serving in a conflict area. I wish them all a safe and speedy tour and return home. Milt
  14. Milt

    young Makayla

    I's sorry to hear that another child is so ill. My thoughts are with her and her family and hope for a quick recovery. Milt
  15. My thoughts are with the boy and his family. I hope he recovers quickly. Milt