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U.S. Army (Cavalry) pack forge

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The military falls victim to popular culture just like every one. They also fall afoul of “this is the way we have always done it”. As panilized construction was still relitivky new in the 70’s they still wert thinking in standard 4x8 sheets, and as palates tend to be 48x40” two would fit just fine.

Buy the time the pack forge came along, the cast iron digit forge and cast bottom blast fire pot were standard for industry. 

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Iron Dragon,  Thanks a million.  This forge belonged to my friends grandfather and he would like to be able to use it again.  Very interesting to know that it was welded.  I was hoping to rivet the corners! 


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Actually, below are official U.S. Army diagram(s) of the U.S. War Between the States (aka Civil War) pack forge.  The above forge is post Civil War and not a pack forge.   Would love to have a forge like the one under discussion but all Civil War forges were side blast forges and used bellows.  Blowers were not used by either army during the War Between the States. 

US Army Portable Forge diagrams screen sized image.jpg

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I will have to dig to find it, but I had a tech manual that showed the forge used in a military mobile machine shop. It was a Buffalo brand, and the the top was a clamshell design that closed over the top when not being used as the hood IIRC

That is a neat link Charles. Interesting that the vise is a bench style and not a post type. 

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