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I Forge Iron

Haven't forged much lately...


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Thanks man I appreciate that, I keep trying different grits and finishes on the blade. I originally wanted more of a forge finish but all of my fiddling around wound up taking more of that off than I wanted to.This is how it looks now, I wanted a particular rough, old, used look to it. Left lots of marks in it and darkened it with some stainless steel blackening chemical I have. I'll probably refinish it a few more times lol.

Went with a flat/convex grind after mostly forging the bevels to the finished geometry. Didn't want any plunge lines on this one, they can make a blade look too modern to me for some reason and I wanted this to look like it was found in the wilderness. It's full tang, heavy steel disk pommel set into the crown, cold peened on... what else, it's straight 5160, guard and pommel are mild steel. It's about 22" overall, 13-1/2" blade. It's BIG and heavy, but very well balanced. 




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Now That puts it into perspective. :) 

That's a big guy.  Love the way the pommel looks. I like the overall look and shape of it.  Only thing off in my eye is seeing the sanding/ grind marks.

I'll have to look into that blackening stuff. 

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Yeah I'm definitely not done messing with the blade finish. I had it finished, then got a different idea in my head (almost put plunge lines in, glad I didn't) and briefly put it back on the grinder...  then changed my mind about that and didn't take those grinder marks out yet. I'm waiting to finally make up my mind as far as what I want the finish to be, then I'll put on the finishing touches. Til then, it's staying this way. 

As for the blackening stuff, it's from a company called EPI (Electrochemical Products, Inc.) and the product is called SS370. I got it several years ago to experiment on my stainless .45-70 lever gun and it worked so well achieving the old time look that I was going for that I used it on my stainless Vaquero .45 colt revolver as well and I was very pleased. They're an industrial company and only sell the stuff in huge quantities but I had asked for a sample and they gladly sold me 2 small jars (2 different viscosities, one liquid, one more of a loose gel). Anyway, I experimented with it on other metals, including plain steel and it does wonderful things, that is if "antiquing" stuff is your thing. 

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I'm the type that likes the antique/weathered look myself. Some things do well with it but some don't I guess. .45-70, Thats for small game right? :lol: 

Well when you can, Keep up the good work. The rasp snake looks great in that last picture as well. 

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16 hours ago, BlasterJoe said:

Looks great. Where did you get the moose antler from? 

I don't remember exactly where I got it, possibly eBay? I had it quite a while before I started this knife. But the company Mr. Powers posted looks like an excellent source, I just googled it and checked it out. They have pieces that look exactly like what I started with. Moose crown is big though, so expect to make a BIG knife lol. 



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Moose, we get them from moose. The bulls scrape their racks off after mating season though I haven't picked up a rack in I don't know how many years. Then again I don't make knives and our doors have handles. You can buy moose antler online.

Frosty The Lucky.


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