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I have no idea what it must be like for you to be where you are now.
I have two daughters who are 9 and 12, no health problems thank God. Don't we all just take all that for granted?
When I was 17 I had a "cold" which became the "flu" and went on to get worse and put me in the hospital for eight days with double pneumonia, so bad and unresponsive at one point that I was given the last rights. Three weeks later I was in bootcamp in South Carolina. Things DO turn around, even when it looks really bad. Prayers, really. I mean that, I am praying for your child.

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RC, I have a grandson that will be one year old on March 4. He was born at 2lb 12 oz. He had an infection throughout his body and the doctors to this day say that he should not have survived. Along with the great doctors, I have to give credit to the power of prayer. I truly believe this and we will keep you, your family and the doctors in our prayers.

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Sorry to hear about this, it is so hard for baby's to go through these type of things, I will definately be praying for your son.
I don't remember exactly how it was done but when I was a kid my little brother got pneumonia and my mom and grandmother being full of old fashioned remedies from a long family history of living on a farm out in the middle of nowhere, they used fried onions wraped in a cloth on his chest, it can even be used for bad congestion, it helps to loosen up the stuff in the lungs, just make sure it's not too hot, don't want to burn him, but otherwise it isn't going to hurt.
Another thing is if you have a health food store or something like it in your area, there is a liquid you can use called silver hydrasol, it is safe, natural and also can't hurt, plus if the people who run the place are good they will probably have some other stuff for you to try.
Hope some of that helps and again I will be praying for you.


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