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picked this old gal up on craigslist. the face is a bit, umm,shall we say..worn

ive been messing around out it the shed with it , having a blast. heres my question..

can anyone help me identify it? i can see a number 1 and a number 2 , the middle number is worn.besides those, there are no other markings. also, ive never seen a pritchel up front, exiting out the side. the table is very small as well.

thanks ahead of time guys










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thanks for the fast response guys, i appreciate it. it was welded to that metal stool with 2 2x2 angle iron pieces. i hit it with a wire wheel ,as it was pretty rusty and dirty when i got it.she has a bit of ring to her. next project is figuring out a proper stand for it.

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The face of that anvil looks good to me. No idea of the make though.

What's the weight? Should be at least 150 lb

The stand is also ok if it suits your height.

Make something nice rather than the stand :)

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Center number in English hundredweight marks are only 0,1,2,3. They wouldn't have used a 9.  I've seen a few very old anvils over the years with side exit retrofitted pritchel, if the smith really needed one he added it in.  Definitely not a French pattern. 

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Yeah, looks almost like a 2.ok, get ready for this, Hope you ere sitting, cause this is going to blow your mind. Put it on a bathroom scale and find out the weight and end this discussion of us trying to figure out what the middle number is! Lol:D


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