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  1. I too thought I saw a 9, then thought"maybe your brain is just making those marks into a number 9" i had seen some info about French anvils with the front Pritchel, but they all seemed shorter and stockier. It came from a farm in cape cod,MA
  2. thanks for the fast response guys, i appreciate it. it was welded to that metal stool with 2 2x2 angle iron pieces. i hit it with a wire wheel ,as it was pretty rusty and dirty when i got it.she has a bit of ring to her. next project is figuring out a proper stand for it.
  3. picked this old gal up on craigslist. the face is a bit, umm,shall we say..worn ive been messing around out it the shed with it , having a blast. heres my question.. can anyone help me identify it? i can see a number 1 and a number 2 , the middle number is worn.besides those, there are no other markings. also, ive never seen a pritchel up front, exiting out the side. the table is very small as well. thanks ahead of time guys
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