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Log splitter conversion

Rob H

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You should be able to if it is an electric hydraulic, if its electro mechanical, using a screw thread drive, probably best to leave it as is and try using use it as a screw drive press.

I have a 12 tonne single acting press a 30 tonne double acting press both vertical and a 100 tonne single acting horizontal.

I have a double acting hydraulic ram log splitter than runs off the auxiliary pipes on the tractor or digger which was sold as 5 tonnes.

All much the same mechanically.

The guide system on the log splitter is pretty sloppy but could be improved easily. The 12 tonne press I use without a guide and rotate to align the tools by eye, the friction of the internal return spring keeps it from rotating on approach. I often just use a hammer face block on the ram end and hand hold power hammer tools so alignment does not matter then.

The log splitter has a wedge blade welded to the ram, the big horizontal Finlay has an Ø8"push fit peg into a radiused nose block, which allows the pressure plate to swivel and reduce side thrust onto the ram. The two vertical presses have simple pinch bolt chucks like a fly press machined into the end of their rams, the 12T Ø1" and the 30T Ø1.5"

It would not be difficult to replace the splitter blade wth a chuck or add one on, clamp to the blade...you probably have plenty of stroke length. Not quite so simple if it is one of those electric splitters with a fixed blade and a pressure plate on the ram, but still doable.

What tonnage rating is your electric splitter? That is likely to be the most limiting factor of the conversion. My large flypress is a no.8 and the smaller one was a no.4 but that was quite capable of straightening bars cold and forming bowls. 

No electric cable runs underneath where hot scale could sit on it?

A lot of the splitters sold over here now have safety systems that require both hands on the controls, that would reduce the usefulness of the tool somewhat...Can you convert your splitter to a foot control so you have both hands available to manipulate tools and workpiece?



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It'd be a LOT better video if he left off all the grinding and welding and stuck with the what and why. The end results are impressive, fast enough and plenty strong. 

If you want to convert an electric splitter it's going to be slow and not so strong. The higher the psi the slower the stroke and powering one off 120v limits you. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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