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Chinese Hammers

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One of the best deals I ever made included paying a rigger with a forklift to load a piece of heavy equipment rather than "improvising" or using someone who didn't have the experience and skill for heavy equipment loading.  I'm cheap, ok notoriously cheap; but I'm willing to pay to get my stuff safely and properly loaded!

I paid US$50 for the item at auction and $35 to have it loaded.

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There was a 250 pound LG on e bay about a year ago listed for $65,000! I don't think it sold. I just paid 7,000 for one that was about on my doorstep. That seems a tad high for a little giant but well within reason. The Chinese hammers just hit a price point that is way too attractive, and I am shocked that the mechanical hammers haven't fallen in price as a result

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I was wondering about that. I have a buddy that his wife is an accountant for a huge dairy farm, i would have her do all that.

The quote i got you could hardly read because of letters and numbers being printed over each other.

Well i just went into my emails and they sent me a new quote that i can actually read.

$2,300 USD for a 20 kg hammer.

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