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My attempt at a cable skinner

Bearded Guy

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Well i figured i would try a 3rd attempt at getting some of this cable to cooperate with me for more than a 3" billet. The blade turned out thinner than i want. But, for a skinner, it should be fine. Quenched in canola oil and i think i forgot to temper it. I was too excited to get it in the etch. Still need scales, tryin to decide between antler or finding a nice chunk of wood. Etched in warm vinegar for about an hour. Any criticism or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Ive made several kso's and very few decent knives. Finally have made one that I'm kinda proud of.






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Ok, had some time to work on the scales a little more today. I did temper at 400 for 2 hrs, (got tied up on the phone and almost forgot about it). I did have to re-etch. It didn't show up as much contrast as it was before, but I'm happy with it. I ended up using deer antler. Pinned with 1/8th in brass rod & peened. 2 part clear epoxy and clamped together for 48hrs. Let it set for a couple more days until this morning and shaped the handle. This is my first knife with any sort of handle besides a paracord wrap. I'm ok with it. I haven't finished the scales yet, planning on doing a coat of CA or polyurethane, probably the CA. Also planning a fake bolster attached, but gotta raid the ammo stash to see what brass i can fit around it. 

I'm also debating on sanding off the base of the antlers on the sides, but it fits good in my big paw. It looks a lil odd at first, but I think it leaves the look and feel of antler. I dunno, I'm debating it.

Any and all pointers, opinions, criticism is always welcome. 



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Man, I REALLY like this. Bet you could skin a buck in no time with it. I really want to try some cable damascus, but I am light years from that as I just started a couple months ago

What is a good source for cable? I've seen it on ebay for about $15 shipped for a 1 foot piece. I didn't think that was too bad.

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