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Any meeting in March 2017

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Hello Frosty,

I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the meeting a few days ago. I didn't realize how many people are interested in blacksmithing. I know it was a lost art 20 years ago. I have notice the people that showed up were paying close attention to the demonstrations you were having. Once again thanks for the invite. Also, I wanted to thank Mar Couch, for putting on the demonstration, he did a great job.


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We were more than happy to have you attend Cosme, I hope you become thoroughly addicted to the craft and become a regular. The club has been going through a growth spurt the last couple years, Saturday's meeting has more attendees than the club roster had a few years back.

There isn't a lot said about blacksmithing in the public eye so it seems to be a dying or lost art but it's far from it, even before the internet went public. The internet has made a huge difference though up to and including TV programs involving fire, hammers, sparks and sweaty people making the big time. 

If Mark doesn't respond here I'll pass along your thanks. He's a founding member and one of the main reasons the club exists. He goes by Metalmangler on Iforge.

Thanks for coming to the meeting, see you at the next one.

Frosty The Lucky.

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