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Anvil feedback. Pics included.

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Hi all. This is my first post so let me say hi and thanks for any feedback. I'm starting to collect things to have at it with forging some knives. 

I have the chance to trade a Wilton bullet vise for this anvil and would like to know anyone's thoughts. The pic of the anvil and vise are attached. 

Thanks again. 







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That's a good point. Not sure what the anvil is actually worth but I do have a bunch of vises that just sit on the floor and look pretty. I don't have an anvil.  My other option is to be patient and wait for one in better condition.  I hate not know about somthing.  Killin me. 

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I'm gonna talk to the guy tommorrow. Basically gonna say I will have to pass on the trade since the anvil is a bit rougher than I'm looking for and the cost to get it where I want makes trading for it to costly.  I will ask what cash he wants for it. 

Any  suggestions on what is reasonableness max price to pay.   

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Supply and demand in your area. If you say $5 a pound, then pay $3 a pound and you are good. 

You can sell you vice for $300 and you are still some $100 in front ... I can't believe I am saying this ... just buy the anvil and keep the vice and keep on looking for more anvils. Stop when you have 23 anvils :)

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So I did the trade but modified a bit. Traded the Wilton to him for the anvil + $50 + old Parker vise.  I will do a refurb on the Parker and use it to get some smith tools. The face is 12" and anvil 21" overall length. It sits 10.5 " high. 100lbs.  I hit the anvil with a wire brush and rubbed some oil on it.  I just did a quick clean.  Here are some pics.  The face surface was in better condition than I thought. It was years of dirt on top. It does have chips on edges of plate but still enough edge to work with.  

Thanks everyone for your input. I was able to get more out of the deal.  

It is appreciated the community coming through. 








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Thanks. Have the Parker at my buddy's house in our electrolysis tank. I will update some pics later. So after some more searching I found out that people trying to sell anvils at $5 a pound. but they are not always selling.  

It was hard to give up the vise but after a little time I am glad I did. 

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