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  1. ChrisPTF

    240 or 105 pound Trenton?

    A71768 AIA dates it at 1907
  2. ChrisPTF

    New to me anvil

    serial #28418 on the left side is a Hay Budden and dates it at 1896! serial #128418 dates it to 1906!
  3. ChrisPTF

    Grandpa's Arm & Hammer Anvil

    According to anvils in America the serial number dates it at 1901
  4. I don't think your photo posted.
  5. ChrisPTF

    Hay Budden Anvil Date

    According to anvils in America serial number A17922 for a Hay Budden anvil would date your Anvil to the year 1919 It is serial #A17922, because Hay Budden Anvils never went up to serial number 417922
  6. Anvils in America dates it to the year 1901, for a Trenton serial number A23460.
  7. ChrisPTF

    Belknap/A&h anvil

    If it is an Arm & Hammer than Anvils in America says that it's from the year 1922-1923 for serial number 37420. Arm & Hammer Anvil serial numbers never went up to 87420
  8. ChrisPTF

    Ajax JH Ashdown

    That is interesting, it looks like the serial # is on the left side of the foot. Trenton always has theirs on the right side of the foot.
  9. ChrisPTF

    Old anvil found in barn

    Trenton is the Brand, Lakeside is the company it was forged for.
  10. ChrisPTF

    Old anvil found in barn

    Serial number 180702 dates it 1922 according to anvils in America
  11. ChrisPTF

    Old anvil found in barn

    Looks like it is (Lakeside) which Trenton and Hay Budden both made. Like Daswulf said a photo of the serial number under the horn would help. Probably Trenton.
  12. ChrisPTF

    Ajax JH Ashdown

    Trenton anvils of Columbus Forge & Iron company made anvils under a number of different names for various Hardware companies. According to the book anvils in America, Ajax was a hardware companies trademark. Serial number 28496 dates the Anvil from the year 1902.
  13. ChrisPTF

    122LBS Arm & Hammer

    Very nice anvil, according to the book Anvils in America that serial # dates it at 1918
  14. Trenton Serial #177447 according to Anvils in America dates it at 1920
  15. ChrisPTF

    Another Hay Budden age request

    Hay Budden Serial #139315 dates it at 1907