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I Forge Iron

Hello from Texas

Nigel Benson

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I've been ending up here a bunch over the last month of doing research and learning about blacksmithing, so I decided to create an account and start reading as much as I can. I am totally new to this, but it was something I have always wanted to learn, even as a child. I purchased a 250lb anvil that came off an old and large Cattle ranch outside San Antonio, the lady believed it was purchased just before the civil war 1859ish, I am now working on a Forge area between my garden and shed. I hope to learn a great deal here and am glad for this resource. Thank you. -Nigel

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Welcome aboard Nigel, glad to have you. That's a beautiful anvil, a little sway doesn't really mean anything. first as Thomas says sway is helpful for straightening and secondly you don't forge lengthways on the face anyway and it isn't swayed crossways.

It's a good thing being excited just don't get rushed, I've made some of my worst mistakes hurrying.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Howdy Nigel! Nice anvil, and if you got any other pictures of anything else, as long as its G-rated, don't hesitate sharing them. Anything! we all love seeing pictures!


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