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Spring steel blade?


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Ok, I just ordered a sword online for a halloween costume. Its a Paul Chen Kung Fu Broadsword, viewable here


It is made from spring steel, and I was wondering if this is going to be a decent blade in terms of strength. It is a very flexible sword, and I am trying to get it sharpened before shipment, but I have doubts about the quality of the blade.

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Dan, am I missing something here? A halloween costume, and a SHARP Sword? This is just my opinion but a costume usually involves a party of some sort. Having sharp and pointy things in a group of people means you must take responsibility and protect other people from being hurt. That takes away from you having fun.

A plastic sword sure is goofy looking, and it is difficult to hurt anyone with an inch thick piece of soft flexible plastic, which by the way, is the idea behind the design. Therefore you can have more fun with little concern about injury to yourself or others.

Then there is the problem with the party being more fun than expected and someone (the neighbor) calling the law. As you answer the door, in your custome, sword in hand, which would you prefer the nice officer to see, sharp and pointy - or plastic ?

Enjoy the event, play safe.

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I agree with Glenn. I've got a uncle that has a sharpening business in Lawrence Ks (colleage town) and he gets a call about once a month from somebody wanting a sword sharpened. He refuses to sharpen swords and anything that he thinks shouldn't be sharpened. He has a excallent set up and a real good customer base. Also at most parties there is always some idiot that is an expert on everything and if he gets ahold of it you'll be sorry. I think a real sword wouldn't be a good idea at a party. Any more a sword is just a wall hanger.

My dad told me when I was young, "Never bring a knife to a gun fight!"

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Let me add a little true story to this topic.

I used to wait till I was completely finished with a knife, sheath and all, before taking it to the coffee shop. I had a razor sharp knife that would cut a long hair at an angle.(free hanging). I carried into to the cafe and set it on the table. Thinking, if anyone was interested, they could pick it up and look it over.

OREN, This older W-II vet. picked it up started acting like he was going to cut this other old vets. ear off. The other vet started to reach for the knife hand not knowing it was a knife that Oren had in his hand. I hollered as loud as I could. STOP!!!

Oren looked like he had swallowed a persimmon--said "I was just playing with Charlie" I took the knife and have never taken a sharp knife back in there.

I do not truly sharpen a knife even for a knife show.


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I AM having a halloween party, and a lot of my friends are sword enthusiests. I trust all of my friends, and have already made up a set of rules involving the weapons. All of them MUST remain sheathed at all times, it the sword needs to be removed from the waist, the sheath comes too. I don't drink, dislike drinking as a way of having fun. I live in the middle of nowhere, where neighbors are not an issue at all.

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Well, i all for safety. but I guess, i'd prefer things to work the way they are intended should the situation arise where they are needed. So although I'm not going to be marching off to war with my swords (yet!) I may need them for something else.

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Just like some folks enjoy going to a gun range and shooting stuff; some folks enjoy taking a *sharp* sword out and cutting stuff. Think of it like taking a set of golf clubs to a driving range---a chance to get some exercise and "sharpen" your technique and compete against yourself.


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I keep all of my swords /tools/ knives / axes... whatever, shaving sharp. One of my Favorites is a CAS Iberia Celtic Leaf blade (Hand forged in India)
Its a very nice sword and has a good spring temper, it will flex 6 -8 " but retains a nice edge even after choping many reed bundles or hanging ropes. I like CAS Iberia Swords, I have never put my hands on the sword in question but if it is constructed as well as the ones I own it is a good buy.
Anyone taking a " Practice swing" with a sword in my house will bounce out the door on their rear end! Its just one of those things you don't do, like picking up a gun in a gun shop , pointing it at the man behind the counter and squeezing the trigger. At the very least you will never be welcome there again! Or you could get Shot !
I know that you are Mature enought to handle sharp live steel, and that you trust your friends, but you may want to enforce the ZIP-TIE RULE just for saftey, like putting a barrel plug in your paint ball gun, just because you did't mean to, dosent put your friends eyeball back. Its real simple just hand out Zip-ties at the door like they do at SCA events. Anyone not willing to zip tie their sword in for saftey should be asked to leave. Be safe Have fun and if you are having a Cutting contest at the party, enforce a saftey circle atleast 20 Feet away from the person cutting and NO One "down range"! I have seen a Cheap-O "ninja sword " fly apart just being swung !! A 200 series stainless blade with an edge like a butter knife will still peirce the door of a car, try explaing that one to your insurance agent!

The point is BE SAFE ! Enjoy your blade ! and keep all your friends !

PS. Halloween is my favorite holliday, I wear live steel every year
( Zip-tied safley in its sheath of course ) with my costume.

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