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  1. I'm a recent addition to the group and had a question concerning one of your old posts. In 05, you posted a pic of stuff you picked up along the railroad tracks. The plates and the "J"-hooks. What are they, what grade of iron/steel, and what sorts of things can be made from them? If you prefer, email me with your answers. Thanks in advance. Bill

  2. Hello, "Zietman's Forge & Smithy". That sounds good! Lets everybody know your proud to put your name on what you make! Thanks Richard
  3. Hello, OneRod! so whats holding you up from taking a torch back and getting the rest? Nice find of structual steel! Thanks Richard
  4. Ironscot, I looked at the Pheonix hammers also and asked the guys over on the Slacktub pub one night when the subject came up and one of the guys had one! He said they where great hammers and they where good for the money, but the companies service and tech support was almost non-existant! He ordered his and after calling constantly and threating legal action (months worth of that BS) they finally sent the hammer to him with no tooling, which he had pre paid for! He ended up making his own dies for it. For that kind of money I'd be leary of them, even though that guy was only one guy and I only got one side of the story. If you could go and directly pick the hammer up they might not try to hassle you face to face. You might call them and see what you can find out, and use your own judgment. You might post on the pub and see if anybody else has had any dealings with them. Thanks Richard
  5. Hello, I got this shear from a buddy. I traded him some used roofing tin that I salvaged and he then paid a guy some cash for this shear and then gave it to me in lue of the tin I gave him. It looks factory to me, and cuts like a dream, nice, clean cuts. I don't see any name or marks on it, but it does need some cleaning up. I'm thinking of de greasing it and killing the rust and painting it up black. Glenn sugjested painting the jaws yellow, for safety reasons, and I agree. Anybody else have a shear like this? Thanks Richard
  6. Hello, I've been fighting a head cold the past week and didn't get pics of stuff from last weekend posted, plus I got a whole bunch of good stuff yesterday! The stuff from last weekend included a chunk of 5" dia pipe, a tie rod, a PTO shaft, part from a A-frame suspension, a plow coulter(sp?), a cast "D" handle for a shovel, a chunk of 1" rod, a socket wrench, and a coil spring and some leaf springs (not pictured). The stuff from this weekend included a pile of leaf springs(some are off a semi, 1/2" thick), some 1" rod, a chunk of 8" I-beam, a chunk of 1"x3" bar, a round piece of 3/4" plate, a chunk of 1 1/2" bar stock channel, a chunk of 12" pipe, a PTO shaft, and some grader blade ((((second set of pics))))
  7. Strine, Nice find! Whats the name on it? http://owwm.com/ Try this link for info.
  8. Doc, If Jr(Irnsrgn) says it'll work, don't hesitate no mater how weird it might sound to you! Jr is a master in my opinion. Check out his Blueprints on anvil repair, in the blueprint section. Your on the right track!
  9. Hello, Here is another site for this kind of set up.
  10. Thomas, I think your right! They do a couple of things right, all the stadiums and arenas get built or rebuilt!!!!! Also gives the local head idiots a chance to look like they're doing their jobs!
  11. HA!, really, it was part of the opening ceremonies for the games, this guy beating on this "anvil" cool!
  12. Hello, Could you give us some examples of what you'd use this for? I've never heard of this product before.
  13. Hello, Here is the finished results! All thats needed to finish the beader is I need to get my wood lathe restored so I can turn a new wooden handle for it. I'm also looking for any dimensional drawings for dies. I've got a set of Ogee dies right now, but need to turn out some of the others on my metal lathe. Some of the dies I could figure out pretty easy, but some would be dificult. Anybody have a manual for one of these? Enjoy the pics! Thanks Richard . .
  14. Hello, I seen some neat pics over on the Practical Machinist forum. Some showing big chain making. http://www.practicalmachinist.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=11;t=001754
  15. Hello, I just checked Ebay and there is a company with a 30g bottle for $4.50.
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