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New hammer - she'll be right for the price.


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Slowly putting together some tools, a cross pein hammer has been near the top of my "giveme" list for a while. Like hens teeth around here.

Anyway, saw a hammer advertised at a local tool suppliers that looked right up my alley, 2lb cross pein, 40cm handle, Price exceptional for around here.

Anyway got myself down to the shop on the way to work yesterday morning to have a look. Vaughan brand. Got "Hebron Illinois" on it under the brand name. Well I figure you yanks might make a good hammer, but then I noticed the tiny little tag on the bottom - made in India :blink:

Not greatly impressed with that!, but then the cheapskate in me kicked in, and the voice started whispering $19! who cares where it was made, only thing bigger than a 4oz car body hammer vaguely resembling a cross pein you have even seen in a shop,......

So I gave in - Might end up making up a new acronym - HSO (Hammer shaped object) - but for $19 I decided to bring it home with me. 

Now I have it home, it actually looks like a reasonable tool. Time will no doubt tell.




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I feel bad for you because I owned three cross peins in my first two weeks of collecting blacksmithing tools.  I'm told the Northeast of the U.S. is a hotbed for old tools....I guess it is true.  You can find them at yard sales and flea markets all the time here for almost nothing because people don't know what they are!  

I wouldn't worry about the hammer meeting your needs.  After all, it is yours to grind and reshape at your whims.  If it isn't perfect now it will be soon enough!  Enjoy your hammer and move some metal.



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I'm with you Lou it must be sad to live where finding a common hammer like a cross pein is a victory to shout to the world. I stopped offering anything for cross peins years ago, the next thing I knew guys were giving them to me at yard, garage, etc. sales.

Okay, enough giving you the mick Jack. Vaughn is a high quality tool in general but you're going to want to radius the edges and crown the face a little. The pein will almost certainly need to be ground to a wider radius and the edges radiused. Industrially cross peins were intended for setting rims, say forming a manhole cover on a fuel tank down over the edge of the manhole ring. Not so much for forging so the pein is too sharp and tends to damage the work more than move it efficiently.

Frosty The Lucky.

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There goes Frosty, getting all specific and spewing actionable information with his superior knowledge. 

On another note:. Thanks for the insights about reshaping the pein Frosty, I didn't take the edges off the pein on my hammers well enough based on your description....

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I have one that is nicely radiused with a blunt, maybe 1/2" edge but the corners aren't rounded at all.  My four pound cross pein I kept more flat because I was thinking I might be able to use the edges for set downs and texturing.  Now this discussion has me thinking the heavier hammer would be more useful well rounded and the set downs can happen on the edge of the anvil as things were meant to be.

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