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First post anvil pics 400 pounds

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Hello everyone- new to the site and love it. I wanted a larger anvil-found this one and brought it home. Came with a stand, but I don't think the stand was built specifically for this anvil, but I do think it's an anvil stand. Haven't found any clues to help identify the origin of this anvil in Anvils In America, but the lack of a pritchel hole, and the anvil's dimensions might give some insight. 34 inches long, just over 6 inches wide, cast body, 1 1/8th or 1 1/4 hardy hole (approximate) is another clue. It seems like there's a raised logo on one side, but surface rust is making it really difficult to read. Any thoughts?






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Seems like a lot of assumptions so far.

Without a LOT more to go on I would call it a fake.

The best clues would be on the anvil itself. Figure out a way to read it.

Post more pictures, more angles, the front and back of the waist, close ups of the side of the waist, the underside, etc.


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If you look at the face does it look at all like there was a pritchel hole and it maybe just has been filled in. I have seen an anvil where somone jammed a tool into the pritchel so bad they had to cut it off and when they ground it smooth you could hardly tell there was a pritchel at all. Maybe check the underside?

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Thoughts: Not knowing which of the 100+ countries participating on this site makes it a lot harder to make a call on one in question.

The "fakes" cast in Mexico using old real anvils to make the molds from also come without pritchel holes, save that some folks are drilling them in and trying to pass them as originals.

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I guess it really doesn't matter as long as it has a decent rebound and can serve your purposes? Have you checked the anvil to see what kind of rebound it has? I have seen a few anvils similar to yours that were very similar but had no real way to identify them. They did have a pretty good rebound so I wouldn't dismiss them out of hand. 

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