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  1. Anyone here have experience with taking their show on the road? I was just invited to a Ren-Faire to participate as their blacksmith. I know what tools to bring (have all that), but I wanted to hear from some of you about what I might expect. How many of you have done this, been paid, or do you think my compensation would be based on what items I sell?
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  3. Hello everyone- new to the site and love it. I wanted a larger anvil-found this one and brought it home. Came with a stand, but I don't think the stand was built specifically for this anvil, but I do think it's an anvil stand. Haven't found any clues to help identify the origin of this anvil in Anvils In America, but the lack of a pritchel hole, and the anvil's dimensions might give some insight. 34 inches long, just over 6 inches wide, cast body, 1 1/8th or 1 1/4 hardy hole (approximate) is another clue. It seems like there's a raised logo on one side, but surface rust is making it really difficult to read. Any thoughts?
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