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34 minutes ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

Originally from Arizona, elk make a heck of a dent in truck, don't even want to see what a moose dose. 

The elk and dear around Oklahoma are puny

I know three EMT's in Main and New Hampshire. The unpublished horror of hitting a moose is when you actually survive the collision. In a car, many times you take out the legs and it ends up coming through the windshield to you. You usually end up killed or pinned. The crash is usually fatal to the moose hit like that and the dead moose, that has you now pinned in the seat, loses body temp. The thousands of ticks that are on them start looking for the next warmest thing. One guess what that next warmest thing is? I can't imagine being pinned and having that army of ticks crawling on me and burrowing in while I wait for rescue.

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1 hour ago, claytonzeimet said:

 I've heard stories of Grizzly here too

I was photographing some wild orchids at the top of wolf creek pass.  I was prone on the ground in the bottom of a bowl when I heard a grunt, a large branch break and caught a not so pleasant smell.  I looked up and there was a grizzly standing on his hind legs looking down into the bowl at me.  He was maybe 20 feet away.  I'm glad he was not hungry.  He gruffed a couple times, then walked a way.  Those things are REALLY big.  Heck no I did not get a picture of the bear.  I was shaking too much.

I've seen moose down around Durango.  A friend said he saw one North eastern Arizona, in the Chuska Mountain Range.  Not sure I buy it though.


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My grandfather was in the search and rescue in Nova Scotia. He had a deal with the local RCMP. Whenever they got a report of a deer or moose being hit recently he would respond to the accident as well and pick up the carcass. He would take it home and cut out everything that was spoiled then hang it and bleed it. He could usually fill the freezer from what was left over that was salvageable

Driving highway on the east coast of NS at night the safest thing to do was find a large truck or 18 wheeler and stay behind it. the moose love to cross the highway at night and their fur doesn't reflect the light. Just their eyes if they are staring at you. you don't even realize they are there until you've already hit them.

At least following the larger trucks they had the cattle iron on the front of them to prevent most of the damage to the vehicles.

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I have a bunch of Harris Hawks living around my casita; I see them on a regular basis chowing down while standing on the fence posts, (wooden old school ones).  I greatly prefer hawks to what they eat locally so more power too them!  They nest in the large irrigated trees around the big house. (my rental used to be the maid's quarters out back)

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A moose once bit my sister......

 No realli!  She was Karving her initials on the møøse
  with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given
  her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and
  star of many Norwegian møvies:  "The Høt Hands of an Oslo
  Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Mølars of Horst

Mynd you moose bites kan be pretti nasty......



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