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new guy seeking anvil id

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Hi everyone I'm new to the site but I've been reading the forums for a few weeks now.I'm just starting out  with blacksmithing. I built a coal forge out of a brake drum and have been using a block of steel the weighs about 30lbs for an anvil . I've made a few coat hooks and my first pair of tongs.I watched a lot of you tube videos to get a idea of what to do. I've been looking for an anvil that I can afford and I found this one its 85lbs ( i ultimately plan on making some knifes ,tomahawks and axes) would 85lbs be big enough? I'm not sure if its in good condition so thought I'd post a pic and get the advice of experts.I cant see it in person until the weekend.Thanks Mike


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Looks like a Trenton or a Hay Budden, good condition with a good face and holes- if it fits your budget, and you can get it and start working on it, then when you need a bigger anvil you can earn its keep by working on this little one. I use a 75lb anvil and it is sufficient for all that I use it for (tools, ornamental forging) 

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Thanks for the replies. I passed on the anvil he wanted $175 which seemed like a good price.I had asked around at work and one of my coworkers said he had a anvil thats been sitting in his way for the last 11 years so he brought it in and gave it to me.I wire brushed it last night and turns out is a peter wright 175lb .I had to use flour to be able to read where it was marked.Its amazing the amount of knowladge on this site& the net. a month ago I knew nothing about any of this stuff I.So I got lucky.It paid off to ask around.Thanks again Mike

avil 2.jpg

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