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Help with candle holders

Matt Smith

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So I belong to a lord of the rings collectors forum and I started a thread looking for inspiration  on what I could forge from middle earth other than swords.. anyway one member posted this pic of candle sconces from the prancing pony they look pretty straightforward however does anyone know how to go about forging the round parts in the stem right below the holder for the candle?


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you could try and make a spring swage to make the rings, would be helpful if you ever planned on doing more than one.


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I'd start off real simple and not add those beads to the thing.  In Middle Earth, there were quite a few blacksmiths, so it's fair to say that there would have been some variations on that design all around the Prancing Pony.  

I might even go ahead and do the beads, but do them as an appliqué.  A bit of copper grounding wire, for example, would look really nice against the black iron.  A collar with some brass wash on it.... 

Lots of ideas and it looks like a fun project.

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