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  1. Thanks in was thinking something along those lines.... I'm hoping to replicate this actual sword ... strictly a wall hanger not functional
  2. Anyone know how to go about forging this type of sword blade specifically the hole near the cross gaurd.
  3. It's steel but I don't know exactly what type.
  4. Ok so I'm a little bit obsessed with the Lord of the rings and I eventually plan on forging many replicas from the films . One project I have in the works is to turn an old army surplus helmet in to a helmet of the fighting uruk hai. It seems pretty straight forward but I need help figuring out how to put a Ridge down the center of the helmet. It's a raised part that goes almost all of the way to the top of the helm. I'll post refrence pics of what I'm starting with and what i want to achieve any help would be great
  5. Yeah in the pic the one on the far right the cuts overlapped to much that's why the open section is so much bigger. I wish I had a band saw right not it's either angle grinder or hack saw..
  6. Thanks guys I use an angle grinder for the cuts and I'm still playing around with the cut lengths to get mor of a T shape
  7. Love this is the double fuller forged or ground in? I'd like to learn how to do a double fuller myself for an um comming project. On a side note. Do you ever cut gems for other people I have a lot of uncut stones that I got doing one of those " mine your own gems"
  8. So I belong to a lord of the rings collectors forum and I started a thread looking for inspiration on what I could forge from middle earth other than swords.. anyway one member posted this pic of candle sconces from the prancing pony they look pretty straightforward however does anyone know how to go about forging the round parts in the stem right below the holder for the candle?
  9. I like it I use them this way though
  10. Yeah I hate posting using my phone but I lost my camera and I only had pics on my phone. It also doesn't help I'm a big guy using a small phone lol
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