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Well I haven't forged since November since I packed all my stuff away. I really didn't want to wait for the gas forge to be finished, so I fired up the coal forge. The first thing I made was a hoof pick from half a horseshoe. I then forged a a horseshoe heart, which was pretty fun to make. The hardest part I had was trying to bend around the horn, but I assume that all comes with time and practice. The finish I got on this was amazing, and I am not too sure how well you can see it in the picture. What I did was lightly brush the horseshoe with a brass brush. I then threw a handful of coal on the fire and then held the heart in the flames. This way a bunch of soot got all over the heart. I had it in there for a few seconds and then brushed all the soot off with the brass brush. I then let it cool and then coated with trewax. I guess the mixing of the black soot and ash and the slight gold from the brass brush, gave the horseshoe heart a bronze looking color. I was quite happy with it. The next thing I forged was a split cross. It was made with 3/4" square stock, and the lines were all cut with a hacksaw. Cutting that stuff took a while, at least 2 hours. If you dont know already, it was brushed with a brass brush. The last thing I made was a bottle opener. It is not my best opener, and that is mainly because I tried experimenting with getting the diagonals on the head of the opener. Let me know what you guys think.

image1 (6).JPG

image2 (4).JPG

image3 (2).JPG

image4 (1).JPG

image5 (1).JPG

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They're not too narrow. Punch a small hole and use a tapered drift and/or the horn. Be careful, don't work it too cold, and know that you will lose a few, more while learning. I sell probably twice as many w openers than without. Although why on earth you'd want to use what you clean a hoof out with to touch your beer bottle......ew.

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