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 May I introduce the latest piece from Me and Petr Fliorianek..... 

Petr is a Czech bladesmith and carver, I am lucky that we have done a lot of pieces together , he is a rare tallent.
The blades are mine, all the rest is from the imagination and hand of Petr.
 in petr's words....
AS i am sure you know, the Trolls are coming down from hills and they are posing huge danger. Lots of cattle and even free folk are missing and we know they fell prey to vicious eottins. All this is calling for a travelling Trollslayers. The grim folk, equipped with strange knowledge and stranger weapons of trade. The fight with troll is different to killing wild beast but also to fight with human opponent. So the weapon needs to be huge, heavy, but with accute point. Some preffer huge spears, some strangely shaped axes,  but the most revered use what they call KNIFE, a huge sax.
The big one, used for slayin is 90 cm long with 59 cm long blade
The blade is 5 bar . wrought at back, with 2 oposed twists made from wrought iron and a low layer 1095 wrought 15n20 mix , there is then a layer of 1050 wollf toothed with the edge 500 layers of the same 1095 wrought 15n20.

part of the set is a mormal sized sax, used traditionaly for harvesting a token of victory, claw, ear or even a head of especialy formidable troll...

Here they are together

some close ups

its clad mighty fine too.....leather antler bronze bone garnets.....

a mighty truss for a very necessary job..


I hope you like it...

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