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nippers to bolt tongs


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This pair of nippers turned up in the scrap. We had an old rusted out boiler that was going out for scrap and these nippers were shoved in the hinge of the boiler door with one leg where the hinge pin should have been. Must have been there a hundred years because they took some getting out. They are seized up but I gave them a clean and they have a maker's mark - W. & C. WINN. They are quite large and there's enough metal to turn them into a pair of bolt tongs for holding rail spikes.

Anyone else have tools show up in unexpected places?


nippers scrap.jpg

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My bolt tongs that I use A lot came as a solid rusted half open piece of scrap out of the back of a wrecked truck at my collision repair job. They were in there with a few other rusted hunks of junk. I asked about them offering to buy them even and ended up getting them for free. After a forge fire bath I was able to get them freed up and with a little adjustment they have been loved and in service since. 

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