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I Forge Iron


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Thanks guys! 


I used bar stock for the arms, probably like 5/16 or something, and I used 16g sheet for the head. Originally, I tried to raise it in one piece, but I was working really fast, and I guess I probably had a rich flame (or is it lean? Whichever one has too much air) and I lost a lot to scale, so once I got it to shape, it was too thin to behave. So I just welded up a little can, ground off the welds and knocked in the corners. 


I ended up making a punch for the eyes. Not sure if I'll ever find another occasion to use my octopus eye punch. 

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Steel at forging heat will scale in open air regardless of the forge. Unless it was scaling IN the forge you just ran into normalness. Sheet seems to scale a lot faster but it cools so much faster it's in and out of the forge a lot more often.

Frosty The Lucky.

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