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unknown "Pardoe & Co" 1952 tool

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2 hours ago, Smoggy said:

Where are you JoLynn? I ask as the arrow stamp looks like the British Military Stamp to me, and the name Pardoe seems familiar.

I concur. Basic round punch, ex army.

When I first started out I bought quite a few ex British Military tools like that, some wire handles some wooden. Different makers, but all have the date and the same Broad Arrow. Can't remember if any of them were Pardoe. ISTR Brades was on some of mine. Will have a look next week.

There were a lot of Military Surplus / junk-and-generally-fascinating-second-hand-engineering-and-other-useful-stuff type emporia around in the 1960s and 70s over here. My two favourites have both now gone and been built on and "improved" by supermarkets.


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I've picked up several Broad Arrow marked tools over the years here in the USA; 2 7# straight peen sledges (one dated in the 40's and the other in the 80's) and I once found a surplus store that had an entire crate of boilermakers' hammers that I gradually bought up and sold on at Quad-State save for the two I saved for my own use.

On the punch: is the end of the handle forge welded together like it looks to be?  As for use, take a hot piece of steel, rest it on the anvil and place the punch where you want the hole.  Strike the punch with a heavy hammer several times and then flip the piece of steel and place the punch over the visible indication of the hole to be and strike it again until a disk of metal pops out and the hole is there.  You can then reheat and use the punch to drift the hole larger using the anvils hardy hole, swage block with holes or bottom tool with appropriate hole(s) For use the rust should be removed then the surface smoothed.

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I dug out a few of my Broad Arrow marked tools and lo and behold I had a slightly double stamped Pardoe & Co Ltd one.

The most amazing one was the 1842 date. I had not realised I had one so old. I thought they were all from the period just before during and after WW2





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3 hours ago, J Pardoe said:

Pardoe & Co was my Grandfather's Tool-making business, located in Rowley Regis.

Welcome aboard, It's amazing how this forum can bring folks together. I recently conversed with a new member from Slovenia a country that my maternal grandparents came from.

I always suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum.  READ THIS FIRST   

It is full of tips like editing your profile to show your location.

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